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About Murray Sports Therapy

Andy established Murray Sports Therapy in 2018. He specialises in Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation and Sports and Deep Tissue massage.

Andy has gained experience over the last couple of years working with people from all different backgrounds, from sports related injuries to non sports related injuries. You do not have to be an athlete to book an appointment with us.

Andy has worked with various football clubs from working pitch side to working with injured players on a weekly basis getting them back fully fit on the pitch by using manual therapy methods along with a full injury assessment and rehabilitation program which will also include some conditioning work.

Check out our list of services and book the treatment that you think is relevant to your situation. You can book a 15-minute free consultation call if you are not sure what treatment you need, or if you just want to have a chat about how things will work during each session.

  • Sports Massage
  • Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation First Appointment
  • Follow Up Rehab Appointments

To book a 15 min free no obligation consultation call use the contact us section. Use "15 min call" as the subject matter.

Sports Therapy Services

  • Sports Massage

    For minor aches and pains - 45-60 minutes
    Sports Massage is a method used for reducing tension, stress and pain in muscles from either a game at the weekend, a daily run or any other sporting event where you are feeling a bit of an ache. Not only used for aches after sporting events however. Sports Massage can be used to relieve the aches from every day working life, in the office or the building site, it really doesn't matter. Professional Sports Massage Therapists have a great anatomical knowledge and have the ability to treat muscle aches or pains. Again this treatment is not just for athletes. This treatment is also not for any chronic/ongoing pain or any acute or chronic injuries.
    You do not have to be athlete to receive a Sports Massage.

  • For acute and ongoing/chronic pain and injuries - 60 minutes
    During the initial assessment you will be asked some questions about yourself, your daily routine including work and any sport or exercise you do. An assessment of movement followed by some passive tests will be carried out during the appointment. After which we will discuss the next steps with an effective explanation from what was found during the tests. We will work on a rehab program specific to you and what you need to be able to do on a daily basis that the pain experience is stopping you from doing. We will also work towards getting you back to what you want to do that the pain experience has stopped you from doing, it could be 5 or 10k, a marathon, walking or going to your weekly fitness class that you have been missing so much. Sessions will include some hands on treatment.

  • For acute and ongoing/chronic pain and injuries - 45 minutes
    Follow up treatments from the initial assessment. Sessions will include some hands on treatment and specific exercises that will have been discussed on the first appointment with consultation. We will progress through the rehab program designed for you. There may be times during these sessions where we have to regress back the way which is dependant on the outcome and any pain experienced during these follow up sessions.


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